Autonomous Compliance

Tioga Security is a Platform-as-a-Service solution that is helping customers automate security controls for their cloud implementations with our always-on compliance management solution. The platform provides out of compliance alerts and presents data trending to minimize exposure and penalties.

We have created a service to simplify, speed and essentially ensure that you’ll pass the certification process. The solution is based on reviewing and monitoring the specific set of security controls associated with your desired security standard. We also provide you with a reference point of policies and procedures that help you properly  implement information security controls.

Tioga's Solution

  • Is for...

    ISVs, government agencies, cloud solution providers, and IT departments in healthcare, finance and defense industries

  • Who need...

    To secure their company’s information management system or gain their HIPAA, HITRUST, ISO GDPR or FedRAMP compliance

  • And is better than...

    A manual process that uses primitive tools like spreadsheets and folders and requires heavy staffing