In the event of a data breach that compromises company data, organizations would benefit from a solution that assists with determining the cause of the breach, helps recover lost data, supports the effort of remediation, and reduces future vulnerabilities.

Some information security standards, including HITRUST and FedRAMP to name a few, mandate that companies follow certain procedures, which may include posting cyber incident reports in a single repository location. Furthermore, information security standards expect businesses to take strict measures related to incident identification, containment, eradication, evaluation and follow up.

Our solution is designed to enable organizations to stay in compliance once addressing a cyber incident as it occurs. When breaches are identified or reported, we support our clients by following pre-approved procedures, while removing the source, mitigating the damage the cyber-attack caused, and writing up ‘lessons learned’ summaries to improve their Incident Response policies and procedures.

The strength of our solution is in its simplicity. It provides a simple and intuitive portal for cyber incident managers to follow certain steps while managing their company’s response to events. We allow you to collaborate with the rest of the organization to remove the risk and collect evidence in order to stay compliant. Incident managers simply fill out web forms, reporting actions and results every step of the way. These forms create the final reports populated in SharePoint, either to allow improvement or simply to present a proof to information security auditors.