Training Modules

Most information security standards require that organizations provide proof that their employees are properly trained in Information Security and Risk Management. In many cases, it is required that these training sessions take place annually, quarterly or even monthly. Companies are then tasked with providing proof and training logs  to auditors, showing that employees took the courses and passed successfully, in order to maintain various compliances
Healthcare ISV, Federal ISV

There are various training modules based on industry, departments and job function, including:

  • Insider Threat Awareness

  • Security Awareness

  • Disaster Recovery

  • Contingency Planning

  • HIPAA (Healthcare)

Training Management Process

Based on your information security standard, an auditor is brought in to assess which training sessions are required as well as their frequency. The auditor will then ask for a summary of your reports showing who took which trainings and when. We help to simplify this process by not only hosting your training sessions, but also by providing a repository for all training logs and results.