The Tioga Security Public IP Defender ( PID ) performs scheduled scans against a set of a customer cloud IP addresses. These IP scans will identify IP addresses that are not expected to be open and accessible, informing customers of potential security gaps in accordance with elements PCI 2.4.

Customers may manually define IP ranges as well as specific IP addresses to be scanned. In addition, Azure customers may install an IP collection agent which will identify all of the IP addresses used in an Azure subscription to provide comprehensive review of all IP addresses.

IP scan reports are emailed to designated reporting email address(es) and customers may look up archived reports through the PID web application, along with rudimentary trend analysis. The PID web application also allows customers to modify their tenant profile in accordance with their deployment environment changes.

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Getting Started with PID

The PID requires a straightforward process of two steps to get started:

  1. Create a Tenant for New Users by providing your Office 365 credentials
  2. Fill in required Tenant Profile scan configuration consisting of IP Addresses to be scanned, TCP Ports on those IP Addresses and optionally, Allowed Endpoints, that is, endpoints which are intended to be open and available to the public Internet

These (2) steps are initiated by selecting the “New User” button on the PID splash screen, as depicted below: (Click image below to “Create a Tenant”)

Disclaimer: By creating the tenant you are confirming that you own the IP Address(es) that you are scanning.