Risk Management Solution

One cannot eliminate information technology threats, but with Tioga Security you can manage them.

Risk Management is the process of managing risks within an organization’s information technology. This process involves identifying threats, assessing the situation, and creating appropriate solutions.

Tioga Security offers CIOs and other IT Security and Compliance managers automation of risk management from an uncluttered and straightforward dashboard.

Although Tioga Security eliminates the need for most annual audits, some compliance standards require an audit. We help make this process easy too!

Various compliance standards require running internal audits to reveal any risks within the organization that need to be resolved. These risks may be low, moderate, or high depending on the impact they could have on your organization. Our solution allows you to monitor, list, and organize all risks based on specific criterion – this process can be modified to reflect your company’s own process or policy.

External audits may also be required for various Information Security Compliance Standards. For standards like ISO 27001, companies must show internal audits and management reviews from three months prior to the external audit. Tioga Security makes it easy to manage and keep track of all required paperwork.

Our real-time scanning and alerts help to ease the detection process by generating immediate notifications. If risks are discovered, you can translate them into corrective actions, assign them to employees, and notify them when a due date is approaching. Our solution leverages emails to send notifications related to tasks and events.

Staying on top of and managing threats can greatly minimize your exposure to breaches and penalties. Let Tioga Security help make this process effortless.