To obtain compliant certifications, it is recommended and sometimes mandatory to perform internal audits leading to the day of the external audit. Tioga Security includes several dashboards which are designed to help companies mitigate these findings and keep the information systems secured.

Our main dashboard shows several key monitoring areas – providing at-a-glance status visibility for:

  • Internal audits – presents information about internal audits, including schedule, participants, agenda, and more.
  • New risks – presents a list of new findings.
  • Preventive actions – presents a list of all the preventive actions and associated action owners.
  • Corrective actions – presents a list of all the corrective actions which are needed to fix the findings and associated action owners.
  • Incident response reports – allows you to create the reports by completing forms quickly.
  • Training logs – highlights the completion status of employee training.
  • Checklists – helps you to follow processes which require multiple steps.
  • FAQ – provides a repository for Frequently Asked Questions.

Additional at-a-glance monitoring tools include:

  • The Process Matrix dashboard – provides information about all the processes, their associated owners and ISO controls which are relevant to each process.
  • The Risk Matrix Dashboard –  provides detailed information about every outstanding risk, including the risk level (low, moderate, high), associated controls, potential outcome based on type of threats and more.