Training management is required by many information security standards. It provides proof that a company has done through the rigors of information security and risk management training. Training can be required monthly, quarterly, or annually and your organization must provide proof of these training sessions, the passing of training sessions, as well as training logs to an auditor.

There are various training modules depending on your needs:

  • General training includes Inside Threat Awareness and Security Awareness.
  • Operations Training includes Disaster Recovery and Contingency Planning.
  • With Role-based Training in a specific industry, such as Healthcare, where you may be required to go through HIPAA training.

Some organization suggest employees go through personal training, including mobile devices protection or training against phishing attacks. A company is far more secure when employees are trained.

Our solutions capture all training logs and results by an employee, the organization or departments. The entire training program is managed through the our solution, including additional training from an external training resource or removed training modules based on the organization’s needs.